Allie Gregorian Joins Fogarty Innovation as Chief Alliance Officer

by | May 10, 2022 | Fogarty Innovation, Funding

Fogarty Innovation’s newest staff member, Allie Gregorian, has spent nearly two decades in leadership and advocacy roles in academic medicine and the nonprofit sector. Allie has an unwavering commitment to mission-driven organizations and has raised an impactful $100 million in philanthropic support over her tenure.  

As Fogarty Innovation’s portfolio of programs continue to expand, Allie recently joined the organization as its chief alliance officer. In her new role, she will work alongside CEO Andrew Cleeland to forge meaningful strategic alliances among innovators, industry and government; identify funding opportunities for companies in Fogarty’s incubation program; and fundraise for organizational support. 

An aim to make the world a better place

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, two of Allie’s three siblings entered the healthcare arena:  her sister is a nurse practitioner and her younger brother is currently training to be an internal medicine doctor. Allie initially chose a different path, majoring in journalism and finance at the University of Arizona where she also swam competitively. 

She began her career in the financial services industry, where she oversaw $331 million in assets as a relationship manager for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a world leader in wealth management. With her expertise in tax strategy and estate planning, Allie methodically identified opportunities for individuals and families to make meaningful philanthropic contributions. After some time with Morgan Stanley, she discovered her talents could be applied toward something more significant. 

“When I started, I didn’t realize how transformative these gifts could be to the organizations that received them,” she said. “But once I saw the impact of giving, I knew I wanted to be on the other side – to work with mission-driven organizations and help them secure the financial resources they need to support their work.” 

After leaving Morgan Stanley, Allie joined her first nonprofit, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), as the director of major and planned gifts. There she directed fundraising efforts for CHLA’s nationally ranked medical specialty divisions and worked closely with chiefs of staff, physicians, researchers and senior administration to advance medical research. Allie secured funding that helped establish the Children’s Orthopaedic Center, currently ranked fourth in the nation for pediatric orthopaedic programs. 

Following her time at CHLA, Allie was recruited to LA Family Housing to establish a robust giving program, re-develop the board of directors, and partner with LA Housing Commission to provide permanent supportive housing solutions to formerly homeless families. Her work helped expand housing options for low-income adults and was part of a team that established the first-ever housing development for homeless seniors in Los Angeles. 

Allie wasn’t done with academic medicine just yet, though. After LA Family Housing, she joined Stanford University Medical Center Development as senior director of development. During her six-year tenure, she helped raise nearly $80 million in funding to advance medical research and institutional priorities. She was an integral member of the executive leadership team for the Department of Neurosurgery and Byers Center for Biodesign and responsible for strategic analysis and counsel on deeply complex topics across those departments. 

Joining Fogarty Innovation

Bringing her wide breadth of experience to Fogarty Innovation is a win-win for all parties: for Allie as she applies herself to a new challenge, and for Fogarty, which will benefit from her experience. 

Allie believes the role couldn’t be a more perfect match. “I was fortunate enough to have worked with Fogarty while in my position at Stanford,” says Allie. “I’m coming into this role with some familiarity with the organization – it feels like a great fit and I am grateful for the opportunity.” She believes the key to a successful team is aligned values. “Having had the chance to work with Fogarty previously, I already believed in Fogarty’s ability to execute on its mission – one I personally believe in wholly.”

That will be essential to her success as she joins Fogarty, where she plans to spend a lot of time listening and learning as she develops and expands the organization’s alliances and investor outreach program. She hopes to identify synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships between investors, academia and industry to support shared visions. Allie believes it is through these harmonious relationships that positive outcomes for all parties are developed. 

“I’m very excited to be surrounded by the accomplished professionals at Fogarty Innovation. I know it’s going to be a good learning experience for me,” said Allie. “The organization has been really successful throughout its 15-year history, and I hope to contribute to their ongoing success.” 

When she’s not working for causes she cares about, you can find Allie adventuring into the wilderness, hiking in the mountains, or building forts in her backyard alongside her husband and two young boys. 

Photo by Rod Searcey

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