What We Do

At Fogarty Innovation, we advance human health worldwide by forging stronger alliances between innovators, industry and government, thus creating a powerful engine for the invention, development and deployment of new health technologies into the care pathway.

We combine our passion for innovation with world-class expertise, resources and leadership to bring new technologies to life. The collaborative ecosystem we have created encourages disruptive thinking to improve the lives of patients around the world and assist the providers who care for them.

We educate innovators on practical, real-world topics and create value for healthcare providers, patients and investors by translating novel concepts into bold solutions for unmet clinical needs. We seek to elevate the medtech ecosystem through advocacy efforts and alliances with groups that can help move the industry’s life-enhancing work forward.

“Many (incubators) measure their worth by companies that get in and are funded…FI does not play in that space, taking companies right at inception. They take a completely different approach.”

– Company-in-Residence CEO

“…Fogarty Innovation is a safe place which enables vulnerable young companies and ideas to survive the ‘gully of death.’”

– Fogarty Innovation collaborator

“The management team at Fogarty is incredible; interactions have been amazing. All accelerators claim to have seasoned mentors, but if I could get even one meeting with those mentors the whole time I was at (another accelerator), it was plenty.”

– Company-in-Residence CEO

How We Do It


We accelerate the process of innovation by providing a real-world living laboratory where medtech visionaries from around the globe receive immersive, collaborative training from industry experts. We also offer practical learning opportunities for our entrepreneurs, other stakeholders in the ecosystem, and for students who wish to explore the world of medical technology.

We offer the following educational programming tailored to our diverse constituents:


Fogarty Innovation provides unparalleled support to entrepreneurs who desire to create promising new medical technologies, ranging from devices to device-enabled digital health. In addition to our educational programs, early-stage companies also benefit from unlimited access to our internal team of dedicated mentors and our 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that combines office, meeting, educational, laboratory and development space.

We offer a spectrum of programs to create value in medtech based on the stage of concept development and the innovators’ goals:


Our mission is to advance human health worldwide by forging stronger alliances among innovators, industry and government. We feel a duty to inform and influence policy decisions that will benefit early-stage medtech startups and inspire innovation. We forge effective partnerships by aligning with companies, institutions, clinical practices, funders and agencies that foster similar goals, such as: