We help innovators get their ideas to patients. Here’s how:

Whether you are a novice entrepreneur with a high-impact idea, an seasoned executive in a first CEO role,  a veteran leader with a small team and big needs, or a major corporation interested in investing in the future, Fogarty Innovation delivers unparalleled support.

We offer spectrum of incubation and acceleration programs that create value for startup companies based on their development stage and innovators’ goals. Each of these programs provides innovators with a unique combination of the following medtech-specific resources:



Entrepreneurs and companies in our incubator and accelerator programs are assigned dedicated staff mentors to help them navigate the complex path required to turn a concept into a company. These veteran Silicon Valley medtech executives act as part of the team, providing hands-on support, board-level expertise across functional areas, and a critical external perspective. Mentors are co-located and immediately accessible in order to serve not as occasional advisors, but as true partners in the journey of resource-limited startups.

Learn more about how FI partners with its innovators – a process we call Full Contact Coaching, as well as one of the key tools we use to help assess and optimize startup success, the Fogarty Physical.


Our entrepreneurs learn and thrive together within a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located on the campus of El Camino Health’s hospital in Silicon Valley, integrating them into one of the strongest medtech and innovation ecosystems in the world. Residency includes the use of office, meeting, educational, recreational, laboratory and other maker spaces (such as machine shop, computational modeling, 3D printing, metrology and electrical lab facilities, among others).


Our unrivaled educational program gives innovators and their teams access to practical instruction from industry experts on curriculum of essential topics for startups, from fundraising and intellectual property to professional growth and leadership skills. There are also opportunities to interact with and learn from representatives of government agencies, professional associations, and other essential medtech stakeholders.

CEOs also benefit from a collaborative community of peers who share resources, experiences, an unbiased perspective and moral support.



Our staff’s broad industry experience also allows us to facilitate access to top-tier external resources, including investors, legal counsel, regulatory and quality consultants, CROs, reimbursement and health economics experts, and many other capabilities necessary to build a great idea into a great company.

Tailored programs

Fogarty Innovation offers a spectrum of incubation and acceleration programs to create value for startup companies based on their development stage and innovators’ goals. Interested entrepreneurs may apply to the appropriate program described below.

Incubation and Acceleration Programs

Company-in-Residence (CIR)

At the heart of Fogarty Innovation is the Company-in-Residence (CIR) program, an immersive experience in our living laboratory for entrepreneurs and their teams. CIRs are co-located with their assigned Fogarty mentors and other executive staff who form a readily accessible and representative C-suite disciplined in R&D, intellectual property, quality systems, clinical and regulatory affairs, operations, finance, commercial strategy, human resource management, executive coaching and team-building. The proximity and regular interactions allow Fogarty staff to become deeply familiar with resident companies, enabling us to roll up our sleeves and engage in realistic strategy creation and problem-solving with entrepreneurs. The CIR program has no predetermined length of tenure, although experience has shown that companies typically stay for 2-3 years.

Our location on the campus of El Camino Health provides CIRs with access to the clinicians, administrators and service providers at a strong community-based hospital. This allows our entrepreneurs to refine their understanding of care pathways and health care economics within a US hospital setting.

Meet some of our current Companies-in-Development and see what they have to say about what differentiates the Fogarty Innovation experience.

Interested entrepreneurs and their teams are carefully selected through a rolling admissions process.

“The Fogarty innovation staff is a trusted resource. I don’t need to hunt around for consultants and advisors; FI management has been there and done that.”

– Company-in-Residence CEO

“We (entrepreneurs) are all scared at the start and afraid to admit it… FI offered coaching, training and experience with an ‘in the family’ atmosphere.”

– Fogarty Innovation Alumnus, company CEO

Company Accelerator Program (CAP)

The CAP is a six-month program that leverages the expertise of our staff and networks to help early-stage companies achieve specific objectives within their broader business plan, such as honing a go-to-market strategy or validating technical and clinical feasibility.

The aim of the CAP program is to support early-stage companies in developing a comprehensive approach to address their desired opportunity. Our philosophy is to begin with “the end in mind.” Knowing the overall goal enables a thorough cross-functional assessment of actions needed to realize the company’s opportunity or identify barriers to success.

Meet some of our current Companies-in-Development and see what they have to say about what differentiates the Fogarty Innovation experience.

“This is full contact coaching.”

– Company-in-Residence CEO

“They go deep with a small number of companies…the fully integrated core leadership team offers a fast feedback loop…no navigation of ‘network maze’ of large part-time mentor pool of other accelerators.”

– Company-in-Residence CEO

Invention Accelerator Program (IAP)

The IAP is a partnership program in which we team with academic and/or medical institutions to identify promising translational projects, educate inventors, and accelerate the journey to patient care. It is focused specifically on concepts that are earlier in the process than those in our Company-in-Residence or Company Accelerator Program.

During the six-month duration of the program, IAP team members work with the inventors to develop, refine, and pressure-test their projects along several broad themes. These include value proposition, product development, intellectual property, evidence development, commercialization pathway and funding requirements, among others. The goals are a maturation of the inventor’s concept, an assessment of the drivers and obstacles to development, and exposure to a valuable network of partners and resources.

Our longest established partnership in the IAP is with the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, and is focused on high potential health technology originating at Stanford University. Stanford Biodesign’s translation team is the principal contact for all Stanford projects, including those initiated at Stanford Hospital, by Stanford academic and research faculty, and by graduates of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship. We also partner in this program with El Camino Health.

Inventors from partner institutions participate in the IAP at no fee to the inventors and without ceding ownership of IP or shares in the future company.

Meet some of our current Companies-in-Development and see what they have to say about what differentiates the Fogarty Innovation experience.

Our process includes:

Hi-touch technical

  • Needs validation
  • Product design
  • Early prototyping
  • Early pre-clinical / clinical
  • IP assessment and strategy

Our process includes

Hi-touch business

  • Market size & segmentation
  • Clinical / regulatory pathway
  • Reimbursement
  • Business model
  • Funding requirements

“I did not realize how little I knew about starting a company – I’m very grateful for the help.”

– Physician participant in the Invention Accelerator Program

Strategic Accelerator Program (SAP)

The SAP is a service we offer to major corporations who can do “anything,” but not “everything.” In this bespoke arrangement, Fogarty Innovation helps large companies invest in the future by facilitating the exploration of promising ideas that fall outside current budget priorities or require extended development timelines. To pursue these endeavors, Fogarty Innovation creates a standalone company, recruits a seasoned CEO and leverages our network to obtain early-stage financing. The approach facilitates the retirement of significant technological and clinical risk and accelerates high value projects to market.