Why We Do It

We are invested in making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and their families around the globe.

We strive to give back to others while also creating something of significant and lasting value.
We do this by advancing innovative solutions for clinical practice that are sustainable, cost-effective and accessible.

We believe these things because we have seen the power of their impact

Our Impact: Helping Companies 


Making Medical Innovation Happen

CEOs from current and alumni Fogarty Innovation companies describe the unique benefits of incubating their companies at Fogarty Innovation – including tailored, practical educational programming; “full contact” mentoring from highly experienced and committed staff;  leadership training; and the lifelong support of a dedicated community of health technology innovators and entrepreneurs.


Our Impact: Training Entrepreneurs


“I’m only beginning to realize the impact that it’s had on me personally – as I grew as an engineer, as I grew as an entrepreneur, and as I grew as a leader.”

Cam Hutton, Founder, Healyx Labs


Our Impact: Advancing Diversity


Training Global Health Entrepreneurs

Healyx Labs was founded out of Stanford’s Design for Extreme Affordability class with the goal of advancing wound care in low resource, low income settings. The company’s first product was designed to provide the gold standard treatment, negative wound pressure therapy,  using a simple, low-cost technology that met the resources and environment where it would be utilized.

Learn more about Healyx Labs and how Fogary Innovation supported Cam’s evolution from student to medtech innovator and leader.


“You have a young population coming up now with different levels of expectation… They’re looking at who’s making what I’m buying. So this is a brave new world and we need to be prepared to operate in it.”

Ingrid Ellerbe, Executive Director, DxD


Improving Diversity in Healthtech

Diversity by Doing HealthTech (DxD) was founded and is supported by Fogarty Innovation and Stanford Biodesign to improve diversity in the medtech innovation ecosystem. DxD  programs address diversity across the talent pipeline, from creating opportunities for underrepresented students to learn about and get hands-on experience in medtech, to building a community of contacts and mentors for young medtech professionals, to helping company leaders operationalize diversity and inclusion. DxD’s affiliate program helps companies take meaningful action to improve diversity internally and within the industry.



“Students are going to gravitate towards what they know. So if we don’t show them new opportunities, we are limiting their choices – we are limiting their agency for their future.”

Jaclyn Babcock, Former Director, Career Pathways Programs
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula

 Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula serves the communities of Redwood City, Menlo Park, and East Palo Alto. The organization works to empower students with access to social, academic, and career opportunities to thrive. Fogarty Innovation partners with BGCP to introduce students to medical technology innovation as a career path and provide them with opportunities to observe clinical medicine and gain hands-on experience in health technology innovation and development.


Impact Metrics


Create: In 2021, our companies-in-development raised >$70 million, cleared two 510ks and submitted two IDEs. They hired more than 50 people and had 14 papers and manuscripts accepted for publication.  As of August 2022, these same companies have raised an additional $36.5 million.

Educate: We were thrilled to resume our in-person educational programming in late 2022. From August to December, we held seven educational events for the innovation community, including a multi-panel, 1/2 day workshop on fundraising. In 2022 we supported the 7th class of Ferolyn Fellows, the 9th class of Lefteroff Interns, and the 24th Annual Thomas J. Fogarty, MD Lecture.

Elevate: New alliances in 2022 include Singapore Biodesign (BOLT program), and the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (2022 launch of the Medtech Innovation Forum at TCT).

Impact/Success Stories

“We wouldn’t be alive today without Fogarty Innovation.”

– Company-In-Residence CEO