Accelerating the development of new medical technologies

The companies currently hosted within Fogarty Innovation span a wide range of sectors and technologies. However they are all united by a common goal—improving patient care.


Boomerang Medical

Autoimmune diseases are the third most common category of disease in the U.S. after cancer and heart disease. Boomerang Medical is a bioelectronic medicine company developing technology to advance the treatment of autoimmune diseases by harnessing the body’s own “peripheral wiring” to manage inflammation and immune response. 

Eclipse Regenesis

Current chronic therapies for short bowel syndrome (SBS), a malabsorption disorder caused by the lack of a functional small intestine, include expensive medication and intestinal surgery. These approaches have low success rates and a staggering average 5-year cost of care of $1.6 million per patient. Eclipse Regenesis is developing the first restorative therapy for pediatric and adult SBS patients, which harnesses the body’s own tissue regenerative capabilities to produce new, fully functional intestine.

Enspectra Health

Enspectra Health is leading innovation in imaging with the VIO™ System. This hand-held technology digitizes cell images non-invasively and in real-time, providing physicians with valuable cellular insights. VIO combines novel multiphoton laser scanning with reflectance confocal microscopy to instantly generate high resolution digital images of live cells without an incision.

The VIO System is cleared by the US FDA. It is intended to acquire, store, retrieve, display and transfer in vivo images of tissue in and through the epidermis for review by appropriately qualified and trained physicians to assist in forming a clinical judgment. 

G-Tech Medical

50 million individuals in the U.S. suffer from debilitating gastrointestinal disorders, most of which involve motility dysfunction. Current motility diagnostics are typically invasive and measure only one organ for a brief time, providing limited clinical value.  G-Tech Medical’s wireless, wearable GutTracker measures motility of the entire GI tract non-invasively over multiple days. This “EKG for the Gut” provides critical new information to gastroenterologists to help accelerate clinical workflow and bring relief to an often-overlooked patient population.


One hundred seventy-eight million adults in the United States are missing at least one tooth, and a surprising 40 million are missing all their teeth. Currently, dental implants are the top choice of treatment, yet less than two percent of those impacted by tooth loss are able to reap the benefits due to limited accessibility, high cost, high risk and long treatment time. iDentical is leveraging the latest 3D technology to offer a safer, faster and more affordable solution through its drill-free, non-invasive dental implants.

Materna Medical

Approximately 50 percent of all women in the U.S. will suffer symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder resulting from childbirth by the time they turn 55, and over 20 million suffer from pelvic pain. Materna has developed an obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) platform of medical devices: the first, Prep, is aimed at preventing maternal pelvic injuries during childbirth and shortening delivery time; the second, Milli, is helping treat pelvic pain and dyspareunia (pain during intercourse).