Shaping the Future of Human Health

Innovation is the lifeblood of medical advancement.
This is what we believe. This is what drives us.

What We Do

Our mission is to advance human health worldwide by forging stronger alliances among innovators, industry and government.
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Why We Do It 

We are invested in making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and their families around the globe.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of proven medtech innovators, passionate about using our know-how and experience to drive medical advancement.
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We like to think our headquarters are in Silicon Valley, but our home is the world. We are a global hub for novel thinking and creation. Providing a bold model for shaping the future of human health, guided by a focused, comprehensive vision.

As a nonprofit in the medical technology space, we are unique by nature. And we’ve leveraged our distinctive status to create an unmatched environment, where medtech community stakeholders converge to transform healthcare. Together, innovating visionary approaches to address unmet needs.

Our Guiding Principles


We believe innovation is a discipline that can be taught and honed. Hand in hand with that conviction, we know that transforming great ideas into great products, services and companies is a complex process, but one that can be instilled and learned. To achieve this, we offer extensive educational programs firmly rooted in practical, real-world experience. And precisely targeted for entrepreneurs, students and the medtech community, including government and industry.


We maintain that innovation is best learned by doing. Through full engagement in the inventive activities required to bring an idea to life. Simply put, innovation through immersion. We create value by enabling entrepreneurs to develop novel solutions. Patients, providers, investors and the healthcare ecosystem all benefit when early-stage companies translate their concepts into meaningful medical technologies. Guided by this insight, we offer a variety of incubation and acceleration options. All tailored to match the development stages and goals of the inventors and innovators who join us.


We seek to inspire innovation that advances human health. Our objective is that simple. That clear. That fundamentally vital. We are compelled to use our voice to raise awareness on social issues and policy decisions that strengthen the early-stage medical company ecosystem. We amplify that voice by forging effective alliances among organizations with similar goals. And ultimately, we help shape global health principles by providing policymakers with informed analyses of issues associated with medtech innovation. For human health elevation.

Who We Work With

The medical technology ecosystem is shaped by a variety of interconnected constituents—private and public, financial and philanthropic, academic and industrial. Each with unique viewpoints and interests. Our years of experience in this dynamic space have allowed us to develop deep and lasting relationships with many of these stakeholders. We consistently strive to grow and expand our alliances with our fellow participants in the medtech ecosystem. Our mission is to advance human health worldwide by facilitating the collaboration between these groups. In short, sharing a commitment to serve humanity.

“Fogarty Innovation offers holistic service to multiple constituents that are important to the goal of success in the medtech ecosystem — entrepreneurs, regulators, funders, etc. … This is critically important because I see lots of situations where entrepreneurs feel tension with agencies because of lack of exposure … FI has a lot to offer — more knowledge and sector-specific insights than many other incubators out there.”

– Venture Capitalist

The growing list of groups with whom we are proud to actively collaborate includes:

Government Agencies

Medtech Advocacy Groups

Diversity Drivers

Other Global Innovation Programs

The Investment Community

Diversity Matters

Successful innovation requires creativity in thinking. It demands the ability to identify and objectively consider concepts and solutions that are broader than any one person can conceive. That’s why we firmly believe the diversity of innovative ideas is grounded in the diversity of the individuals working together. To this end, we are committed to respecting and bringing together a broad range of groups. Inspired and empowered to explore, identify and pursue new and better ways of tackling challenges. Maximizing our collective impact through the synergy of diversity.

Join Our Journey

We are all innovators, and we have something novel to bring to life—whether an innovative idea, a new technology or a strong belief that there must be a better way. If healthcare is your passion—and you’re driven to shape its future—we encourage you to educate yourself about Fogarty Innovation’s audacious vision. We invite you to connect with us to make a difference in the medical technology ecosystem. And we hope you’ll join us as we seek to inspire innovation that advances human health. Help us turn possibilities into realities. Please read on, and contact us to begin your journey.

Companies in

The cultivation of medical technology companies at various stages of development is at the heart of heart of Fogarty Innovation’s mission, and the core of our history. From day one, we have teamed with medtech pioneers through our tailored incubation and acceleration programs. Get to know some of our current entrepreneurs and the groundbreaking ideas we are helping them translate into game-changing solutions for patients worldwide.

Company Spotlight

While many of our vital signs are easily obtained, the one test that doctors rely on to make the majority of their diagnoses—the blood test—can take hours, if not days, for results. Chronus Health has developed a portable device that provides lab results in minutes, allowing for real-time diagnosis and thus promising to dramatically improve time-to-care and patient outcomes. The startup has focused its initial efforts on complete blood count (CBC) and comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), which account for 50 percent of all blood tests performed in the United States.

Skin cancer is the most common form of malignancy, with more individuals diagnosed each year than for all other cancers combined. For the last 150 years these malignancies have required an invasive biopsy for diagnosis, but Enspectra is leading a digital transformation in pathology by imaging real-time cellular anatomy in living tissue, without cuts or stains.

Up to 60 million individuals in the U.S. suffer from debilitating gastrointestinal disorders. G-Tech Medical is developing a wearable technology aimed at improving outcomes and reducing costs by non-invasively monitoring gastrointestinal tract activity.

More than 110 million people worldwide suffer from non-healing, open wounds. High costs and overly complex technology severely limit, if not eliminate, access to advanced wound care technology. Healyx Labs is developing the lowest-cost and easiest-to-use wound vacuum technology for price-sensitive and underserved markets.

One hundred seventy-eight million adults in the United States are missing at least one tooth, and a surprising 40 million are missing all their teeth. Currently, dental implants are the top choice of treatment, yet less than two percent of those impacted by tooth loss are able to reap the benefits due to limited accessibility, high cost, high risk and long treatment time. iDentical is leveraging the latest 3D technology to offer a safer, faster and more affordable solution through its drill-free, non-invasive dental implants.

Fifteen million Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating. This condition can dramatically affect quality of life in both social and professional settings. palmm is developing a simple, at-home treatment for hyperhidrosis, initially focusing on the hands.

Approximately 50 percent of all women in the U.S. will suffer symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder resulting from childbirth by the time they turn 55, and over 20 million suffer from pelvic pain. Materna has developed an obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) platform of medical devices: the first, Prep, is aimed at preventing maternal pelvic injuries during childbirth and shortening delivery time; the second, Milli, is helping treat pelvic pain and dyspareunia.

Urine sample collection remains a standard method used to determine the proper course of treatment for patients and to prevent exposure to potentially harmful medications and procedures. Voyant is automating the urinary diagnostics process with its innovative smart toilet platform, reducing the collection and testing time from about one hour to just five minutes.

More than 36 million patients in the U.S. suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis. In fact, the condition accounts for 1 to 2% of all physician visits and is associated with $7 to 12 billion in direct U.S. healthcare costs per year. Nasal steroid sprays are typically prescribed as standard of care, but are only partially effective as they cannot reach beyond the anterior portion of the nasal cavity. Maximal medical therapy (sprays and pills) fail in 50% of patients, leaving them with the options of taking repetitive systemic drugs with serious side effects, having expensive, invasive procedures or continuing to suffer without sufficient treatment. Nasus Medical is developing solutions for improved intra-nasal drug delivery through an innovative technology that is designed for patients to treat themselves at home, early in the pathway.

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