Stanford Biodesign teams share medtech innovation ideas at Fogarty Institute

by | May 4, 2016 | Alliances, Mentoring

The Fogarty Institute for Innovation and the Stanford Biodesign center have enjoyed a long-term partnership, with several of our board members and staff helping shape the program and acting as mentors to its fellows. Many of our own entrepreneurs are also Stanford Biodesign alumni.

Recently, two Biodesign teams came to the Institute to share their ideas on how to solve a critical health issue in the urology field, the problems of overactive and underactive bladders, which plague millions of people worldwide. The purpose of the presentation was to receive constructive feedback on all aspects of the proposed technology: the strength of the clinical idea, technical feasibility, potential application and effectiveness and likelihood of the innovation getting funded.

The Biodesign fellows received great input that they will apply toward improving their technology and perfecting their pitch to potential investors.

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