Spotlight: Corinne Landphere, Fogarty Institute Coach and Team Building Advisor

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As an entrepreneur, mentor, artist, philanthropist and mother of two, Corinne Landphere leads a full and varied life – and has throughout her prolific career in healthcare. This rich background led to the successful launch of Corinne Landphere Consulting, where she has helped numerous companies build successful organizations by focusing on team building, retention, personal coaching and development and executive recruitment.

Corinne draws upon these skills in her role at the Fogarty Institute, where she serves as an invaluable resource for our staff and companies-in-residence. Projects to date include helping startups with organizational growth and development and optimizing team dynamics; as well as heading the Institute’s efforts to recruit its current CEO, Andrew Cleeland.

Finding her place in the healthcare industry

Born in East Chicago, Indiana, to Polish immigrant parents, Corinne learned early on the importance of working hard. “When my father first arrived in the U.S., he worked in the steel mills as a laborer, then reinvented himself to become a very successful insurance salesman. That tenacity and work ethic is something he instilled in my three sisters and me.”

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana University, she began her healthcare career as an emergency room nurse. While there, she was recruited early on by Genentech, after working closely with its clinical research group on studies involving tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), a breakthrough therapy to dissolve blood clots.

At Genentech, she joined the inaugural sales team that led the global launch of TPA. At the time, Genentech was still an early-stage company, giving Corinne her first exposure to a startup environment. Following Genentech, Corinne was recruited to join Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (ACS), a pioneer in the field of interventional cardiology, which was later spun into Guidant Corporation. While there, she experienced a number of “firsts” that would help pave the way for her career, including her first experience coaching, her first international business responsibilities and a relocation to California.

Corinne later joined Perclose, a pioneer in suture-based vessel closure devices. Working on this and other technologies that were so impactful for patients helped cement Corinne’s passion for the healthcare industry.

While working at Perclose, Corinne pursued and obtained her master’s in counseling psychology, with a focus on business and groups. In 2000, she formed Corinne Landphere Consulting engaging with individuals and companies to help them overcome obstacles that prevent growth, development and job satisfaction.

To date, she has worked with more than 80 companies and 1,000 professionals, including leading firms such as The Foundry, Abbott, Ardian, Medtronic and Stanford University.

Corinne is a big believer in incorporating compassion and mindfulness into life, a message that plays a significant role in her coaching practice. Her go-to advice for clients and entrepreneurs is to “Get to know yourself and what drives you. Others can help guide you, but it’s important to develop your internal compass and ability to follow your instinct.” Her passion towards work-life balance and wellness is naturally woven into all areas of her work.

Life beyond work

Driven to give back and support others, Corinne is passionate about supporting children’s causes such as Water by Youth, Girls on the Run, the East Palo Alto School District Art Department and the Spirit of Harmony Foundation. She also spends time in her art studio, painting and monotype printing, and donates all proceeds from sales towards the causes she supports.

The diverse experiences of Corinne’s life and career have created a rich foundation of knowledge to draw upon in advising, mentoring and coaching both individuals and organizations. “Corinne has been a tremendous asset to the Fogarty Institute and we are honored to have her as part of our team,” said Andrew Cleeland, CEO of the Fogarty Institute. “We encourage all of our entrepreneurs, colleagues and partners to leverage her knowledge and expertise.”

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