Our people make things possible.


Andrew Cleeland

Chief Executive Officer

As recounted by Greg Bakan

Andrew is a seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience in the medical device industry. During this time, he has held key leadership positions in organizations ranging from early stage start-ups to large multinationals. In joining Fogarty Innovation he further broadens this range of experience to include managing a non-profit. The versatility required to be effective across such diverse groups is rare and is a testament to Andrew’s strong leadership skills.

A native Australian who grew up in a suburb of Melbourne, Andrew’s leadership capabilities became evident at an early age. Raised by a single parent at the time, Andrew was forced to grow up quickly and play a supportive role for his mother and brother. These early experiences were formative in shaping the person Andrew would become and the things he would inevitably accomplish.

Andrew’s values and life philosophy were also greatly influenced by sport. His natural athleticism and leadership propelled him into many team captain roles and ultimately competing in Australian Rules Football at a semi-professional level. If you’ve never seen this sport played, do so. It won’t take long to recognize the toughness, teamwork and grit the sport demands, all traits which Andrew continues to bring to every position he holds.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Andrew began his MedTech career working for the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. This provided an invaluable introduction to the industry along with an appreciation for the challenges regulators face when balancing innovation with protecting public health. Several years into this role, serendipity presented him with a unique opportunity to work for a company based in the United States. Although he had never lived outside Australia, he saw it as a great opportunity and moved sight unseen to Denver, Colorado to work for Telectronics. He probably didn’t realize it at the time, but this move exemplifies a classic element of Andrew’s personal and professional mindset: think big, set audacious goals, and act boldly. At the time, Andrew expected this to be a two-year position. Thirty years later, he’s still in the US, setting and achieving big goals.

Andrew’s rapid career advancement during this timeframe has been impressive. After Telectronics, he accepted a role as Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at Bay Area start-up company Radiant Medical. Following this, he was CEO of Ardian, which pioneered the use of renal denervation to treat hypertension. Ardian was acquired by Medtronic in 2011 in a transaction valued at over $1.3B which, at the time, was the largest medical device acquisition ever for a pre-revenue medical device company.

Whenever a first time CEO has such a wildly successful exit, the market often wonders: Is the person really that good or were they just lucky? Andrew quickly answered that question by taking the role of CEO at Twelve, a startup in the transcatheter mitral valve space. Several years after his joining, this company was also acquired by Medtronic in a transaction valued at $458M. Back to back successes at such large valuations answered the question – it wasn’t just luck.

Propelled by these successes, Andrew has become a key figure in the medical device community. His leadership, experience and insights have led many organizations to seek his involvement. He currently serves on the board of three venture-funded companies — Saluda Medical, Zenflow, Inc. (chairman) and MMI S.p.A. (chairman). He also holds advisory positions at several top-tier venture capital firms: Longitude Capital, Arboretum Ventures and Qiming Ventures. At a global industry level, he has been invited to serve on multiple initiatives including the UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium; the Medical Device Innovation Consortium; and the Singapore government’s Biomedical Research Council (BMRC).

Passionate about healthcare, Andrew is a champion of innovators and innovation in the MedTech field. His commitment to mentoring and education is rooted in his passion for helping patients and being a catalyst for positive change. This purpose and drive is captured in one of his favorite quotes, by Mahatma Gandhi: “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

“Working at Fogarty Innovation gives me the ability to positively influence the MedTech ecosystem and give back in a meaningful and effective way,” summarizes Andrew. “To have worked with such amazing teammates on such impactful programs has allowed me to do something BOTH meaningful and enjoyable…I love the challenge.”

Andrew has received numerous awards and honors and is a frequent invited lecturer at major industry conferences and leading academic institutions. Andrew holds a BS in biophysics from the Swinburne Institute of Technology.

Bernie Andreas

Engineer in Residence

As recounted by Laura Hamilton

With his love of repairing cars, building medical devices, or running a company, Bernie has been a hands-on, key contributor in the medical device industry for more than 30 years.

Bernie attributes his strong personal values and “will do” mindset to his parents, who immigrated from Germany to California a few years before he was born. Growing up, Bernie witnessed firsthand that almost anything was possible with a goal, a plan and a solid work ethic. A key formative example illustrates how he lived out his belief: his goal was to attend college; his plan was to use his talents as a mechanic; and his solid work ethic enabled him to earn and save enough money to cover his University of California, Davis, tuition.

After graduating from UC Davis with bachelor’s degrees in both mechanical engineering and materials science, Bernie applied for what he believed was an ideal engineering opportunity with a medtech company, a position he learned during the interview had already been filled. At that point, his career could have taken a drastic turn when he was offered more senior engineering positions at companies in other fields. 

However, undeterred in his desire to follow his passion and armed with that “will do” mindset, Bernie got his first taste of the medtech world by joining DVI, a company that later became part of Guidant, in an entry-level position. He was quickly promoted to a role as an R&D engineer, designing and developing medical devices. That began an illustrious career in the medtech industry, where he has helped create therapies that have improved the quality of life of tens of thousands of individuals.

Over his career, Bernie has held senior management roles with both industry pillars and startups, including Chrono Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, Acclarent, The Foundry and Perclose. His decades of R&D engineering experiences provided him a solid foundation in innovation that led to him earn more than 100 medical device patents and co-found two companies, Xtent and ReSept Medical Inc.

Bernie appreciates the opportunity he has at Fogarty Innovation to work alongside a group of professionals who have already achieved excellence in their careers and now share their years of industry experience to mentor, support, educate and elevate the next generation of medtech innovators. 

In his spare time, you can find Bernie serenading his fantastic family, or playing golf, or hiking. And if you know Bernie and his giving spirit, you wouldn’t be surprised to find him helping out his neighbors.


Greg Bakan

Director of Strategic Initiatives

As recounted by Andrew Cleeland

Greg has a deep passion for medtech. “A major driver for my interest in this field is the purpose-driven nature of the work. We’re developing products and services that directly improve patients’ lives.” Another attraction is that successful medtech innovation truly requires the integration of science and business know-how, both of which are areas of keen interest for Greg as reflected in his educational background.

That’s why he has devoted over 30 years to the medical device industry, holding senior management positions at several successful startup companies, including Ardian, Emphasys Medical, Nevro and Fox Hollow Technologies. In aggregate, these startups have generated more than $2.5 billion in returns to their investors, reflecting the impact on the thousands of patients who benefitted from their therapies.

Earlier in his career, he built a strong foundation working at larger, well-established companies, holding positions in marketing, sales, strategic planning and business development at Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Guidant and Eli Lilly and Company. Greg feels this early experience was invaluable and laid the foundation for his success in start-ups. “My time at the larger companies afforded me incredible training, the chance to work on a wide range of projects across many sectors, and most importantly, the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best and brightest leaders in our industry,” notes Greg. Another advantage Greg sees in this early career experience is that it allows him to understand and work more effectively with larger companies which is critical since they form an important funding and exit pathway for medtech start-ups.

Greg sees his work with Fogarty Innovation as not only allowing him to pursue his passion for the medtech space, but also as a way to give back to an industry which has afforded him so many unique opportunities. He fondly recalls the many people throughout his career who were willing to take the time to share their insights, experience, and advice. This mentoring has had a life-changing impact on him both professionally and personally. The hope of “paying forward” this gift is a large part of what attracted Greg to Fogarty Innovation.

Fogarty’s Companies in Residence CEOs in turn have a great amount of respect for Greg’s keen strategic mind and seek him out to help them think through the chess moves they must consider as they steer their companies forward. As one of them said, “One of the things that attracted me most to Fogarty Innovation was my interaction with Greg and, now that I’ve joined, I am fully convinced that my collaboration with him and the rest of the management team has been incredible. He is a trusted resource.”

In his free time, Greg enjoys working with his hands, whether it’s woodworking or restoring old cars, and riding motorcycles. He also has a passion for teaching and occasionally gives guest lectures at Fogarty Innovation and Stanford University.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts in biology from the University of California, San Diego, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Gretchen Berstler

Program Manager

As recounted by Birgit Johnston

With 17 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, Gretchen is always ready to extend a hand and tackle new programs and projects.

Prior to joining Fogarty Innovation, Gretchen oversaw a number of key communications initiatives at El Camino Health, including supporting internal services programs, managing events, directing patient and physician outreach and developing marketing campaigns. “Working with such a close-knit team of like-minded individuals was a real privilege,” she said. “While we weren’t in direct contact with the patients, we felt that the programs we launched went a long way towards supporting the hospital’s mission to heal, relieve suffering and advance wellness.”

Striving to continue making a deep impact on patients’ lives, she joined Fogarty Innovation as one of its first employees. As program manager, she plays an important role in supporting both the education and incubation programs by developing, managing and executing educational programs and events for the organization, its companies-in-residence, the FDA and the Ferolyn and Lefteroff fellowships. “I am honored to have been part of the organization since its inception and while we have grown, our mission to advance human health and personalized approach is still what we live by.”

Education is where she thrives—closely interacting with the students as she helps them learn the ins and outs of developing a medical device and explore different career paths, whether with a startup or larger company. She especially loves to hear from them later in life to learn how well they are doing and see how they are already giving back to the community, appreciating how their internship influenced their future success.

Gretchen also welcomes the chance to help support the entrepreneurs, watching them as they conquer their daily challenges and seize opportunities to develop and advance therapies, with the promise that one day they may help improve or save the lives of a significant number of patients.

An Ohio native, Gretchen likes to cook, particularly Italian favorites. She loves spending time at the coast for its beauty and fresh air and has recently found a new passion in meditating, which helps her tackle new challenges and opportunities that come her way.

Zach Edmonds, MD

Clinical Advisor

As recounted by John Morriss

As a hospitalist practicing at El Camino Health’s Mountain View hospital and a site director for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) Department of Hospital Medicine, Zach is, first and foremost, a clinician. He describes his hospitalist role as being the patient’s primary care physician while they are in the hospital. This involves building a rapport with the patient, identifying their needs, bringing the necessary resources together, and finding solutions. He says he is proudest of his professional success when he receives a note from a patient thanking him for the positive role he played in their care and the difference he made in their life during a time of great vulnerability and need.

He brings that passion to the companies and his projects within Fogarty Innovation as well. Zach provides what he describes as a clinical lens, a practitioner’s point of view, as he assesses potential innovations to anticipate whether they would be adopted by physicians and hospitals. Because he shares patients in common with physicians across various specialties, Zach understands his colleagues’ perspectives and the possible inertia that must be overcome to change clinical practice and adopt a novel system. Yet Zach remains an avid believer in innovation as he sees countless examples of unaddressed clinical needs in his daily life — conditions and diseases that lead to pain, suffering, and loss of life. “I am passionate about medtech for to its potential to help address these unmet needs,” says Zach.

Fogarty Innovation is an opportunity he appreciates for the chance to support the efforts of young innovators. Zach plays a key role in clinical diligence, facilitating clinical research, and building collaborations with community physicians. He blends his clinical perspective with a business background, stressing that even early stage projects should establish how they will be cost-effective solutions.

He believes his work with Fogarty has enhanced the rest of his career, allowing him to be part of an incredibly rich, stimulating and rewarding “professional village.” That’s largely because of the resonance he finds between his own values and that of the Institute: mission-driven purpose, passion, hard work, accountability and excellence.

When he’s not in the hospital, you’ll find Zach with his wife and two daughters. Family dinners each evening, Friday movie night and discussion, and a Sunday ritual that starts off with the kids ceremoniously putting the family’s phones and iPads in a drawer and closing it are only a few examples of how they spend time together, being silly, having adventures, and learning new things.

Zach holds an MD from the UCLA School of Medicine and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He completed his internal medicine residency training and the Biodesign Fellowship at Stanford University.

Mary Gorman

Executive Services Administrator

As recounted by Marga Ortigas-Wedekind

Mary wants to see people happy. “If there are 100 people in a room with different philosophies, backgrounds, and levels, I’ve found that I can bring them together, break down social and status barriers, and relate to them myself, especially when entertaining with food.”

She seeks that happiness for people in many other ways as well, which is why she thinks the executive administrator role has been a great fit for her. Starting as an executive assistant at the age of 18, she put herself through school at night and did other weekend work. She found she had strong listening and organizational skills as well as a streak of creativity, always seeking to “wow” with any project she took on; “I was a natural at it, I got better, adapted, learned and developed.” As she gained more responsibility and progressed through her career, now at Fogarty and in previous roles at Vertex Ventures HC and Stanford Biodesign, Mary found that working in the medtech innovation space fit right in with her personal goals as well. She has a particular interest in healthcare solutions for the elderly because she is drawn to “helping people who don’t have a voice,” having experienced it firsthand in the last 11 years as primary caregiver for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Born and raised in California to working class parents, she was taught to “work hard, be respectful, and learn how to get along in the world,” and that comes to life as she relates her proudest professional moments planning and executing the Stanford Biodesign fellowship graduations over the past 10 years.

It’s not surprising that Mary’s own family today is “rich in science.” Her husband works in the pharmaceutical industry, one of her sons works at a startup out of Stanford Biodesign, and the other works in fishery sciences and is involved in ecological pursuits. A common thread that has run through generations in this family is a fondness for fishing and crabbing which plays right into Mary’s love of entertaining, cooking, and organizing gourmet meals for family, friends, and neighbors!

Laura Hamilton

Performance Optimization Leader

As recounted by Bernie Andreas

Laura works to draw out and optimize the best in people. She brings to Fogarty Innovation more than two decades of experience working in mental health, executive coaching and human resources. Laura is passionate about helping clients identify root issues and design a path that applies their intrinsic strengths to maximize potential and elevate their performance.

Laura grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (yes, an ardent Steelers fan) and, through the course of her childhood, developed a strong work ethic that she learned from her parents, both hard-working professionals. From an early age, Laura was given many daily responsibilities, which created the diligent, independent, and goal- oriented professional she ultimately became.

At the University of Pittsburgh, Laura originally majored in criminal justice with a minor in psychology. However, while working for an attorney as a private investigator, she quickly discovered that she more naturally gravitated toward understanding, supporting and elevating individuals, hence changed her major to psychology.

With her bachelor’s degree in hand, Laura moved to Southern California where she began a career with a well-known law firm, Fragomen. Initially she served as a paralegal, where her work with some of the world’s largest companies led to being appointed to leadership roles.

Her desire for knowledge deepened, and with the encouragement of the firm’s leadership team, she continued to manage her full-time job while simultaneously attending graduate school at California State University, Long Beach, where she received her master’s degree in social work. 

During this time, Laura started devoting more of her energy to the internal needs of the firm, aligning with her academic aspirations to help individuals reach their potential and solve challenges. That led to an executive role in human resources and, not long after, a transfer to the firm’s San Francisco Bay Area office.

After nearly a decade focused on helping Frangomen adapt its organizational model and elevating individual performance, Laura became increasingly fascinated with the dynamic nature of people. She pivoted her career path to become a psychiatric social worker at Napa State Hospital, working with individuals suffering from mental illness.

Subsequently, she became a licensed clinical social worker and moved to the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System.

In 2007, Laura opened her own practice, True Insight, as a psychotherapist and executive coach, assisting  clients in their quest to become self-aware, authentic and empowered to meet their true potential. 

Laura finds energy and peace while hiking and cycling, but her best moments come from spending time with her family and her three dogs… never a dull moment.

Birgit Johnston

Communications Consultant

As recounted by Gretchen Berstler

With a passion for working with nonprofits and companies that inspire others and make an impact, Birgit founded Johnston Communication over 16 years ago. Her proudest achievements revolve around promoting groundbreaking ideas and ideologies— telling her clients’ stories as a way to inspire others to push their own boundaries.

Joining the Institute in 2015, her work at the Fogarty Institute combines all these core competencies, while allowing her to be part of a close-knit community that thinks outside the box in the endless pursuit of finding a better way to care for patients. It fits well with her ethos of continuously striving to learn something new and conquer a new challenge.

Prior to consulting, Birgit led the communications function at Solectron Corporation (Flextronics), where she gained valuable global experience in the broad range of industries served by the company. That well-rounded view influences her ability to bring a well-balanced perspective and fresh ideas to clients.

Birgit’s interest in advancing nonprofits stems from forming and spearheading the communications department at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a nonprofit that donated over $500 million in grants to worthy projects locally, nationally and internationally. She expanded her experience in advocacy and policy by heading the communications function at the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group (Silicon Valley Leadership Group), a leading nonprofit that represents over 300 companies forming the innovation economy of Silicon Valley. For her work at this organization she was honored with the YWCA Tribute to Women in Industry Award.

A competitive athlete throughout her life, she believes in the power of teamwork and abides by the goal of “doing something that challenges you” every day.

Born in Denmark and raised in Italy, Birgit holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco. An outdoor enthusiast, she is an off-road triathlon age group World Champion and winner of the Silicon Valley Marathon—and also uses those athletic skills keeping up with three active kids and two equally active dogs. Birgit loves to travel. She also enjoys cooking for her family, and aspires to grow her own garden full of fresh ingredients to cook with.

Gayle Kuokka

Chief Financial Officer

As recounted by Craig Straley

With a long history of working with medical startups, Gayle has more than 30 years of diverse experience in a variety of senior management roles that include finance, accounting, human resources, manufacturing and operations. After stints at other technology companies, she found that medtech’s mission to help patients mirrored her own philosophy and was more personally rewarding. Perhaps an enigma for an expert in finance, Gayle’s regard for financial return, while understanding its importance, is far outweighed by her devotion to advancing human health and making the world a better place.

She has had the opportunity to work across several sectors in medtech (e.g, medical devices, drug discovery, diagnostics, instrumentation), including serving as chief financial officer for Biodesy (now Blue Light Therapeutics) which commercialized a tool for drug discovery. She also was the vice president of finance at Isostent, a radioisotope stent which was acquired by Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company, and the chief financial officer at Radiant Medical, which induced local hypothermia in heart attack patients to preserve heart tissue.

She later started her own company offering chief financial officer consulting to more than 15 life science startup companies. In total, she has been responsible for helping raise more than $200 million in venture funding.

Gayle is always happy to help Fogarty CIRs with all types of finance matters, but what really excites her is when she can help with broader strategy – to assess markets, plan how to navigate the path to market and treat patients, and how to position a business to be financially appealing to potential investors.

Gayle also offers unique perspectives based on her experience on both sides of clinical trials, as a patient and a technology provider, which further inspires her passion for the field. “Medical technology literally saved my life, and I would like to return the favor to others,” acknowledges Gayle

She received her MBA from the Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and her BA in economics, magna cum laude, from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Gayle was the fifth of seven children, with a father who was an engineer and a mother who was a nurse – clear influences that impacted her career choices. Before moving back to her birthplace of Seattle after high school, she grew up in a rural college town in eastern Washington which gave her a lasting appreciation for the value of education, a strong work ethic, a belief in social justice and the desire to impact the lives of others less fortunate. A health devotee and mother of two grown children, Gayle loves running, traveling, and gardening. Between tackling her own remodeling projects, she was also responsible for the buildout of Fogarty Innovation’s brand new home in the Sobrato building on the El Camino Campus.

Corinne Landphere

Strategic Consultant

As recounted by Denise Zarins

Corinne Landphere helps propel individuals and teams into high-performing, emotionally intelligent excellence with her unique ‘people-first’ approach and nearly 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry.

After 20 years of coaching with Corinne Landphere Consulting, Corinne has become a ‘go to’ resource for guiding individuals and teams through a wide variety of challenges and growth, including team building, conflict resolution, leadership transitions, rapid growth/downsizing, and executive development.

Corinne’s vision for empathy-based leadership drew her to Fogarty Innovation, where she could work with like-minded individuals dedicated to building something bigger and better every day. She was particularly drawn to our commitment to developing the next generation of life sciences industry executives and our unwavering promise to always put patients first. In addition to her performance-based coaching, Corinne also leads our wellness efforts including introducing the ongoing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, curating best-in-class wellness resources, and encouraging team creativity as a stress-releasing outlet by initiating the Creative Spotlight series for amateur talent. 

Prior to consulting, Corinne excelled in a variety of high-profile sales and marketing positions at Genentech, Guidant and Perclose (Abbott), after beginning her professional career as an E.R. nurse at Methodist Hospital’s Trauma I Center in Indianapolis. This diverse background has provided her with a 360-degree view of the industry, having first worked closely with patients, physicians and healthcare practitioners, and now working with industry professionals.

Born to Polish immigrant parents and a proud Hoosier, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana University, along with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University. She serves as a mentor and guest lecturer at both schools and others, including Stanford University.

Corinne is a big believer in incorporating compassion and mindfulness into life and business, something that she lives every day. As an entrepreneur, mentor, artist, philanthropist and mother of two, Corinne leads a full and varied life and prioritizes volunteer work with nonprofit organizations. She is an avid runner, a former volunteer coach for Girls on The Run and a strong advocate for diversity. A talented painter who was part of Papyrus’ Artists in Residence program, she donates all proceeds from her sales towards the causes she supports.

John Morriss

Director of Invention Acceleration

As recounted by Zach Edmonds, MD

A seasoned R&D professional, John has 18 years of experience in the medical devices industry, with a focus on supporting early-stage companies through the entire process, from device inception and iteration to technological and clinical validation and finally, physician training.

John’s passion for the medical field developed organically. Growing up, family dinner conversations were often about medicine, given that both his parents are physicians. He saw how they valued hard work, attention to detail and putting the patient first, and aims to live by those same values. He firmly believes that poor health is an overwhelming stressor and is passionate about medtech innovation because of its potential to reduce suffering. Working on challenging, complex problems motivates and inspires John to get up each day and come to work with enthusiasm and passion.

As an endurance athlete, John has learned the importance of focus, persistence, and tenacity. He finds running and cycling great distances to be meditative and restorative. These activities continue to deepen John’s ability to keenly observe himself and the world around him. He brings this attitude of commitment, consistency, resilience, and full attention / presence to his work and passions outside the lab / office.

Most recently, John served as partner of the Foundry for six years, where he also co-founded Twelve and led the development of its transcatheter replacement mitral valve. Prior to that, he gained his vast experience working in a variety of R&D engineering positions within several startups, including Acclarent, now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. He is named on over 80 patents.

John finds Fogarty Innovation to be a rare combination of extremely bright people, a diverse set of projects, the energy of a startup environment and a collective sense that together they can advance the ecosystem. Through the Invention Accelerator Program (IAP), he has had the privilege of working with physicians who are developing their own novel solutions for unmet clinical needs.

His background is rooted in broad experiences and his R&D training has influenced how he approaches building anything new. He tackles each product with an open and fresh approach. In his own words, “In part, it’s the set of activities: rapid iterations of defining the problem, developing a strategy for addressing it, implementing the prototype, testing it, and analyzing the results. In part, it’s the mindset—ideally a combination of optimism, criticism, and flexibility. And in part, it’s the motivation that the outcome will improve the quality of life for many others.”

John holds a BA from Duke University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. As an avid outdoorsman, nothing prepares him better for a busy morning or smoothens a rough day than a long run, bike ride, swim, or hike.

Marga Ortigas-Wedekind

Chief Commercial Strategy Officer

As recounted by Mike Regan

When Marga boarded the plane at age seventeen to travel from her home in Manila to start her undergraduate studies at Williams College and eventually, Wellesley, little did she know that it would be just the starting point of what has turned out to be a continuous wonderful adventure. She says the benefit of starting so young was that “I didn’t know, what I didn’t know,” and so she felt compelled to “just figure it out.” This thinking has formed the foundation for Marga’s approach to life and her comfort with chaos, uncertainty, and change!

Upon graduating, Marga returned to the Philippines and entered the traditionally male-dominated field of agri-business which took her on travels to farms in the deepest reaches of the islands and exposed her to lifestyles and politics very different from her prior experience. This, plus the social unrest in the country at that time, led Marga to realize that she wanted to get involved in just causes to help better people’s situations.

Marga’s next stop was at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where she focused on International Business and Marketing and honed the strategic mind for which she is known. While at Stanford, Marga experienced an epiphany while enrolled in an Ethics class. As an assignment, she interviewed Ron Dollens, the CEO of Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (later Guidant Corporation), and was completely engrossed with how he characterized the responsibility he and his team faced when making decisions for a business in which they held patients’ lives in their hands. From this discussion, she saw that there is always a patient, a family, and a provider who benefit from a well-developed solution and appreciated the earnestness required to realize this opportunity. She eventually joined ACS/Guidant Vascular Intervention as Director of International Marketing and never looked back.

The theme of helping patients get a shot at a better life has reverberated throughout her career. Most recently she served as EVP of marketing and payor relations at iRhythm Technologies, a digital healthcare provider of cardiac monitoring services that she helped take from startup to successful IPO. One of the defining moments of her career was seeing the team’s image light up on Times Square when the company went public, knowing they had brought an important technology to market.

Prior to iRhythm, she was the EVP of global marketing and product development at Omnicell, Inc. a creator of pharmacy automation technology and analytics, and SVP of marketing, development and clinical affairs at Xoft, Inc. (acquired by ICAD), a startup that pioneered disruptive technology for cancer radiation therapy. She began her startup experience as VP sales and marketing for ProDuct Health (now part of Hologic) which developed an early breast cancer risk stratification and detection device.

With over 30 years of leadership experience, Marga has enjoyed many successes with companies at various stages of development. Ironically, it is the failures she has experienced that have reinforced some of her most essential learning. A few of her valuable lessons include: “You’ve got to anticipate the unexpected,” “Seek advice all along the way”, “You need to bring people along with you to achieve a goal,” “A dysfunctional team can drive a company into the ground”, and finally her favorite, “None of us is smart as all of us.”

At this point in her career, Marga believes you can’t surpass the meaningful satisfaction and honor of bringing life-altering solutions to patients and their families, which she defines as leaving the world a little bit better as you pass through. With this belief, Marga is a perfect fit for the mission undertaken daily at Fogarty Innovation!

When Marga is not busy at Fogarty, she is an energetic sports fanatic supporting local teams, The Warriors, The Earthquakes, and the 49ers. She spends active time with her husband in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, dabbles as an early stage investor, but most importantly, is a proud Mom to two adult children who are starting their own adventures!

Mike Regan

Chief Innovation Officer

As recounted by Marga Ortigas-Wedekind

Mike Regan feels a strong sense of duty given his experience in medtech. He believes there is a need to let the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs know just want an honor it is when a product they’ve worked on potentially helps improve people’s lives. “Unlike any other business, the profit motive is subservient when people rely on you to make their family member better. People count on us every day to do our job and make the right decisions to provide safe and reliable solutions.”

For all the seriousness with which he takes his business responsibilities, Mike is one of the sunniest and most likeable people you will meet. Both Fogarty Innovation entrepreneurs and his colleagues seek his counsel, which is often delivered with self-effacing humor. “As cliché as it sounds, it IS all about the people, and the medtech industry attracts the ones who are passionate, ethical and determined.” Mike is observant and loves learning people’s stories, “gaining magical insight” about them. He thrives when surrounded by those who share his core values yet are willing to challenge his point of view, creating a healthy tension that leads to better outcomes.

After a first job with American Medical Optics (now Johnson & Johnson) that had him moving quickly up the management track, he decided to give it all up and became a “ski bum,” for 18 months. “That was a foundational experience because I discovered that I could be just as happy as an engineer or a short order cook. It was up to me to look for things that made me happy as a human being.”

After that, Mike put his mind to a 35+ year career which spanned several leadership roles, not to mention clinical foci. Before moving to the medtech field, Mike worked with Coopers & Lybrand consulting, Clorox, and Walt Disney Engineering. Immediately prior to joining Fogarty Innovation, he served as chief operating officer at Minerva Surgical, a medical technology company focused on women’s healthcare. Before that, he was vice president of operations at Emphasys Medical (now Pulmonx), a developer of therapeutic solutions for emphysema patients. He was also chief operating officer of Cardeon Inc., working on innovative approaches for coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. His first major medtech company was Guidant Corporation, which absorbed the start-up company where he was working, Advanced Cardiovascular Systems. Mike had roles as varied as Pilot Plant Manager, Director of International Sales and Division General Manager of the Peripheral Systems Group. Guidant has a special place in his heart be use it was there he met his wife, Theresa, whose outgoing personality he attributes with helping to draw him out of his own shyness. It also gave him his first opportunity to work and live outside the US, which he has done and enjoyed in many subsequent roles.

Mike still gets a catch in his voice when relating his proudest professional achievement. In a pediatric procedure where the patient was crashing and the doctor could not get a central line into the baby, someone in the ER suggested trying the Ultrasound needle product. He clearly recalls that faint little sound that guided the doctor to locate the baby’s vein and enabled him to revive the infant; even the most callous and experienced ER nurses had tears in their eyes. “If my whole career was just that one day and that one kid, we’d have done okay.”

At Fogarty, Mike loves to visit with each entrepreneur daily to see what he can do to help. He epitomizes our “full contact mentoring” approach, winning our innovators’ appreciation. Mike has been a great ambassador for Fogarty, representing us in the broader medtech ecosystem. He is one of the founders of the Diversity by Doing initiative with colleagues from Stanford School of Biodesign. Mike is also a frequent speaker and panelist in different industry forums.

When not working, Mike likes to keep moving — hitting the ski slopes, open water swimming in San Francisco Bay, hiking, playing tennis or learning Italian with his wife, who is a nurse at Stanford and with whom he shares the love of their two adult children. Mike holds a BS in industrial engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Craig Straley

Clinical and Regulatory Director

As recounted by Gayle Kuokka

Craig sums up his love for the medtech industry:”at the end of the day, your work ends up helping patients with life-improving or life-saving therapies, that is easy to get passionate about.”

With more than 25 years of experience conducting clinical research, Craig has forged strong relationships with co-workers, health-care providers, patients, and regulators. It has been a rewarding way to combine his engineering education—he holds a BSE and ME in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University—with his strong interest in medicine to help drive medical device innovation.

Craig has worked at both large companies and early-stage startups, most recently at Medtronic, following its acquisition of Twelve, Inc. As vice president of clinical affairs at Twelve, Craig developed and executed the early clinical studies for the Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement program. Earlier, as VP of clinical affairs at Ardian, Craig led the early stage clinical studies for a first-of-its-kind therapy of renal denervation, culminating in Ardian’s acquisition by Medtronic.

One of Craig’s proudest professional achievements is Ardian’s groundbreaking European randomized study of renal denervation to treat hypertension. He is delighted not only with beating enrollment projections and the trial’s ultimate success, but also with the team he worked with, including the physicians, research nurses, as well as the patients who courageously agreed to participate.

At Fogarty Innovation, Craig continues to embrace Dr. Fogarty’s philosophy of a “patient-first” focus, emphasizing to the companies-in-residence that developing robust clinical evidence will drive the ability to benefit the most patients.

Craig feels fortunate to work with a stellar group of experts, who also happen to be good friends. The opportunity to impact the next generation of medtech entrepreneurs across a fascinating variety of devices and technologies is more than exciting to him.

While he loves traveling with his family, he’s also always ready for a round of golf locally. Craig has a unique talent for practical jokes – just ask him to share a story or two when you meet him.

Denise Zarins

Chief Technical Officer

As recounted by Corinne Landphere

Always committed to seeking innovative solutions and creating meaningful and effective programs, makes Denise an invaluable team player on the Fogarty Innovation team. Her 25 years of experience in the medical device industry include devising and developing products in multiple spaces, including cardiovascular, obesity, pulmonary and women’s health. She is proud of the 100-plus patents in her portfolio accumulated in these many clinical disciplines.

While she had always known she wanted to be involved in medicine, she also knew she didn’t want to become a doctor. Thanks to her mom who gave her a flier on a biomedical engineering open house at Marquette University, she found an immediate fit that dovetailed with her love of math and science. Medtech has proven to be a satisfying career path where she can help countless patients rather than just one at a time.

Denise began her career as a research and development engineer and manager at AneuRx, a startup that was founded by Dr. Fogarty and later acquired by Medtronic; then she subsequently joined another Fogarty-backed startup, Bacchus Vascular, which was later acquired by Covidien. With roots in engineering, Denise found her stride in project management and intellectual property development.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her career has been involvement with startups whose products have gone to market and are still being used to help patients today. That was the case with her time at The Foundry, where she co-founded Ardian, Inc., the pioneer of renal denervation for hypertension, heart failure and other associated disorders, which was acquired by Medtronic in 2011. 

Denise then co-founded Ziva Medical, an early-stage medical device company treating infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. While launching this company, she also consulted in project management, due diligence, and intellectual property development.

Her work at Fogarty Innovation allows her to be involved in multiple projects simultaneously, while also helping young entrepreneurs avoid missteps as they launch their companies. She finds it a place she can live her values every day, as integrity and the concept of “team before self” drive everything she does. Denise has received several awards and is a frequent guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Raised in a small town in suburban Milwaukee, Denise grew up watching NFL football, a favorite pastime to this day as she regularly cheers on the Packers and the Patriots. She is a lover of all animals and in some circles is known as “The Zookeeper,” referencing her eclectic home menagerie of pets. Equally important to Denise is her passion for music, especially sappy love songs. You can often find her in the first few rows of the local live concert venue, cold beer in hand, one of her favorite ways to relax before diving into her next project.

Board of Directors

Tom M. Krummel, MD

Chairman of the Board

Tom is one of those unique individuals who has seen and experienced medical innovation from every front, including stints as an academic, surgeon, writer, mentor and administrator. A long-time friend of Dr. Fogarty’s, he joined the board of directors of Fogarty Innovation in 2014 and soon was appointed chairman.

In addition to Fogarty, his service is vast: He has been co-director of the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign since 2002, holds the Emile Holman Professorship and serves as chair emeritus of the department of surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine, and is the Susan B. Ford Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

Through this distinguished career, he is proudest of the patients he was privileged to care for, whom he believes embody the pediatric surgeon’s credo of “saving lifetimes.” He is also grateful for his 300 + trainees and mentees, whom he considers a “force multiplier” for future generations of progress.

In fact, that’s what he finds to be most rewarding about his work with the Fogarty Institute—the next generation which will yield additional “Tom Fogartys,” who will continue to invent the future of better care.

His philosophy is embodied in the painting “The Doctor,” which reminds him that if you always keep the patient front and center, the rest will take care of itself.  

As a pediatric surgeon, Tom has been a pioneer in innovation and advancing healthcare. Among his career highlights were his role as an early adopter of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in the treatment of neonatal cardiopulmonary collapse, as well as driving the application of information technology in simulation-based surgical training and surgical robotics.  

An involved and influential consultant to the medical device industry, Tom serves on multiple scientific advisory boards and boards of directors, and has received two Smithsonian Information Technology Innovators awards for his work.

 An avid outdoorsman, Tom has ridden his bike across the Alps, Dolomites and the Pyrenees, and across the U.S. He loves to cook and travel and spend time with his wife, kids and grandkids.


Frederick St Goar, MD

Vice Chairman of the Board

A surgeon, entrepreneur, mentor and global health advocate, Fred is a champion of advancing access to medical therapies. He is currently an interventional cardiologist, practicing at El Camino Health’s Mountain View hospital, and the Medical Director of the Norma Melchor Heart and Vascular Institute based at El Camino.

In parallel with his clinical work, Fred has been an active participant in the medtech industry, including helping to found HeartPort and Evalve, where he was also the physician inventor of the company’s revolutionary minimally invasive catheter-based MitraClip system (Abbott), which recently won the prestigious Prix Galien USA award.

That combination is one of the facets of his work of which he is most proud—the rare opportunity to both care for patients on a one-on-one, high-touch level, coupled with the widespread impact of engaging in therapeutic advancements that improve the lives of patients, families and the larger community.

Because he thrives on interacting with creative entrepreneurs he finds it a privilege to help them in their endeavors. He consequently has a special interest in Fogarty Innovation’s Lefteroff and Ferolyn fellowships and regularly mentors fellows in the Biodesign program at Stanford School of Medicine and several Fogarty graduates, including HeartFlow and Alydia Health, where he has played a critical role in helping bring its life-saving device, Jada, to market.

Widely published, Fred serves as a consultant for established medical device companies and startups and is listed on multiple medical device patents. He also has a growing passion for global health and strives to make enhanced, easy-to-use medical therapies accessible to all. He is currently working in Rwanda with a new rural-based medical school, the University of Global Health Equity, under the umbrella of Partners in Health, where he serves on the advisory board.

In parallel, he is on the board of a women’s obstetrical and surgical training hospital under construction by Village Health Works in Burundi. “There are so many ways that we can constructively engage with developing countries. It’s very encouraging to see prominent organizations like Fogarty Innovation and Stanford embrace the concept of global medicine,” he says.

Fred attended Harvard Medical School and completed his medical and cardiology training at Stanford University. An avid outdoorsman, he is known for his joy on a big powder day on the ski slopes and also revels in sharing his passion for cycling and kayaking with his wife and kids.  

Thomas J. Fogarty, MD

Founder and Director

Sometimes referred to as the “Edison of medicine,” Dr. Fogarty is one of the most prolific inventors and credited as one of the early pioneers in the launch of the medical device industry.

As an internationally recognized cardiovascular surgeon, inventor, entrepreneur and vintner, he has dedicated his entire career to improving patient care and is named on over 200 medical device patents, including the “industry standard” Fogarty balloon catheter, which 50 years later is still being used, saving the lives and limbs of more than 16 million patients.

His knack for building things started at an early age—when he was just 15, he invented the centrifugal clutch, which sparked a lifetime of innovation in medical technology.

The motto, “There has to be a better way,” inspired Dr. Fogarty to found more than 45 medical device companies and create numerous devices, including the widely used Aneurx Stent Graft that replaced the traditional surgical repair. This less invasive approach has resulted in a significant reduction in mortality and morbidity in the management of the aneurysmal disease. But perhaps even more importantly than his contributions to surgery today, he has inspired and aided countless other entrepreneurs to continually push the envelope of innovation, which has led to a legacy of new inventions and lives saved.

A strong believer in the power of mentoring, he founded Fogarty Institute for Innovation (now Fogarty Innovation) on the campus of El Camino Hospital in 2007 to spur medical device innovation, improve patient care and lower healthcare costs. While he loved helping people as a surgeon, he believes in the multiplier effect that is created through widely adopted technology.

Dr. Fogarty believes that whether you are a physician, an engineer or entrepreneur, we are all here to benefit humankind, and that takes a team effort. In fact that approach is what makes him proudest about Fogarty Innovation—a dedicated team who coalesces around a common goal to advance human health.   

Dr. Fogarty has been recognized by countless organizations for his contributions to medical science, including receiving the prestigious Presidential Medal of Technology and Innovation. In his “free” time, Dr. Fogarty pursues a number of activities as an avid fisherman, reader and tinkerer.

Stacy Enxing Seng


Stacy Enxing Seng currently serves as a venture partner with Lightstone Ventures; member of the board of directors for Hillrom Holdings, Sonova AG, LivaNova PLC and preCARDIA, as well as xhairwoman of the board for CALA Health and Contego Inc. 

But her business philosophy wasn’t honed in the boardroom; instead she turns to “the dinner test.” In other words, she believes you should only work with people with whom you would enjoy dining—an outlook gleaned from her time with several impressive organizations. “At the end of the day it’s all about the people.

With 30 years of experience in medtech, Stacy has a proven track record for leading technologies and companies from early concept and development through global market leadership. Her passion for the field comes from the people it attracts: From the physicians to the engineers to the sales people to the boardroom, she’s inspired by their focus on making a difference in the world through helping people live life more fully.

And over the years, she has made her own mark in that regard. Most recently Stacy was president of Covidien’s Vascular business, which she joined through the $2.6B acquisition of ev3, where she was a founding member and executive officer responsible for leading ev3’s peripheral vascular division from inception.

Prior to ev3, Stacy held various positions at other high-profile medtech organizations, including Boston Scientific, SCIMED Life Systems, Baxter Healthcare and AmericanHospital Supply. She received an MBA from Harvard University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in public policy from Michigan State University.

A frequent speaker and panelist at healthcare industry events, Stacy favors those focused on authentic leadership, where she provides insight on building vibrant and winning cultures, innovation and owning your career. Named as both one of the “Top 100 Women in Business” and “Favorite Role Model for Women in Business” in Minnesota, she especially enjoys addressing these topics in the context of women’s leadership, communication and empowerment.

Today, she brings that inspiring spirit to her work as a board member for The Fogarty Institute.

Mark Leahey


As president and CEO of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA), a leading national trade association representing hundreds of innovative and entrepreneurial medical technology companies in Washington, D.C., Mark acts as their voice and advocate on Capitol Hill.

Although Mark earned his JD from Georgetown University Law Center and his MBA from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, he decided not to pursue a traditional law office job. Instead he began his career as a clerk in the DA and Attorney General’s office in Massachusetts and then worked on the Hill for a member of Congress in his home district.

A chance meeting with the chief of staff for a member of Congress revealed MDMA’s need for someone who could help on policy. Realizing it would be a great fit for his expertise and interests, he joined the organization and since then has helped it grow from 80 to nearly 300 member companies. Throughout his career, he has forged numerous collaborative relationships and notched a number of significant wins for favorable legislation that helps support the growth of the medtech industry as a whole, including leading a 10-year effort to repeal the medical device tax.

Inspired by Dr. Fogarty’s life-long dedication to improve patient care and the Fogarty’s team commitment to the industry and raising the next generation of innovators, he joined the board in 2019 to lend his expertise and insight. Like his fellow board members and others associated with Fogarty Innovation, he believes that challenges in policy are more easily addressed when diverse industry members partner and focus their efforts. He believes that smoothing the path, allowing creative companies to excel and enabling increased investment will lead to more options for patients and clinicians.

 A proud native of Lowell, Massachusetts, when not focused on his work with the MDMA, Mark likes to spend time with his wife and two daughters, golfing or skiing, two of the favorite activities they share.

Angela Macfarlane


A dynamic leader and inspiring role model, Angela currently serves as CEO of ForSight Labs, CEO of Voyant Biotherapeutics and is an active manager and mentor in the Ferolyn Fellowship program.

Despite her tremendous success in the medical technology arena, her path in the field hasn’t been a traditional one, as she kicked off her career as a judicial extern for the United States District Court. However, her interest in early-stage startups soon led her to the realization that medtech companies were the ones in the greatest need of a strong IP strategy, which led to her first job with VidaMed (Medtronic).

Angela later joined AneuRx, where she first met Dr. Fogarty who imparted his successful approach to innovation and minimally invasive surgery. This forged the notion and motto that “patients are waiting,” which sparked her interest in broadening her experience in medtech.

She continued working with Dr. Fogarty, serving as technology counsel where she participated in the formation and/or development of nine companies, and later rounded out her experience as chief technology counsel for The Foundry.

Having honed many of the skills needed to spearhead a company, she founded ForSight Labs, an ophthalmic incubator formed in 2005 in partnership with Dr. Eugene de Juan, Jr., MD, and The Foundry. The portfolio launched six companies and collectively raised over $200 million in capital, returning over $550 million to date with an additional $550 million in milestones.

Her ability to see opportunities and possibilities at every corner, passion for the success of others and motivation for creating a community of innovation is what led her to join the Fogarty Innovation board.

An inventor on over 25 U.S. patents, Angela received her Bachelor of Arts in business administration from San Francisco State University and her J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law. Outside of work, she is deeply involved in animal rescue and enjoys being outdoors— hiking and mountain biking with her husband.

J. Casey McGlynn


Casey McGlynn is a partner at Wilson Sonsini where he focuses on the formation, funding and representation of medical device and life science companies.  In 1988 Casey started the Life Science Group at the firm. Today there are several hundred attorneys focused on life sciences in the areas of corporate, securities, patents, FDA regulation and reimbursement.

The relationships Casey has built over the years originate from his early days in the medtech industry, where as a young lawyer he filed the Articles of Incorporation for a medical device company called Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (“ACS”). In 1984 ACS was sold to Eli Lilly and eventually spun off as part of Guidant Corporation, which was eventually sold for over $27 billion. Out of that set of relationships Casey has built one of the largest medical device/life science legal practices in the country, focused on helping entrepreneurs start, fund, grow and sell their life science companies. 

In fact, that is precisely why he is passionate about working with medtech entrepreneurs: They aren’t just creating new businesses that will make them wealthy, they are creating businesses that save lives and make the world a better place to live.  

Casey joined the board of directors of Fogarty Innovation in 2013 after working closely with the organization over the years. He names Tom Fogarty as one of his heroes and appreciates how the Institute continues Tom’s passion for “finding a better way” to treat patients. 

Every day, he looks forward to the chance to meet with entrepreneurs and hear their vision for a new life-saving product, and he also loves working with doctors, engineers and managers who are developing new products that can heal the sick, save lives and change the world.   

Casey received his Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor degrees from Santa Clara University, where he also met his wife. He proposed the day he got his job offer at Wilson Sonsini, and today they enjoy spending time with their three children and two grandchildren.


Lewis Wexler, MD


Lew has been a supporter of Fogarty Innovation since its inception and joined the board as an inaugural member, thus playing a significant role in the organization’s mission. 

A staunch believer in the value of education, Lew spent more than 30 years in this field, with an illustrious tenure at Stanford, where he served as chief of cardiovascular radiology and co-director of the Stanford Catherization Angiography Laboratories. His bibliography includes an impressive collection of over 200 published articles, book chapters and abstracts on various aspects of cardiac and vascular imaging and interventions.

One of his most rewarding moments was to be among the pioneers in the evolution of angiography, finding new techniques to achieve the best images. He also got tremendous satisfaction from his years of teaching cardiology and radiology fellows, many of whom subsequently made a tremendous impact in healthcare.

Always looking for ways to get involved and support innovation and patients, Lew has held many public service positions, including as an original founder of the American Heart Association (AHA) Council on Cardiovascular Radiology and the president of the North American Society of Cardiac Imaging (NASCI). For his services, he received the first Gold Medal award from NASCI in 2002 and was also named Physician Volunteer of the Year by the California affiliate of the AHA, among other distinctions.

A Brooklyn, N.Y., native, Lew showed his educational acumen at a young age, entering undergraduate college when he was just 15. He completed his residency in diagnostic radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine right before joining the U.S. Air Force with the rank of captain. He followed his military service with a fellowship in cardiovascular physiology in London.

Today, in addition to serving on Fogarty’s board, he continues to be active at the Menlo Medical Clinic in the radiology department. A life-long learner, he still takes courses at Stanford and loves art of all kinds, including books, opera and museums, in addition to traveling with his wife.

Allan Will


Allan Will, Board Member


Allan Will is a seasoned executive with extensive experience at every stage of the medtech company life cycle. In his 30+ years in the industry, he has founded, led, built, sold, and funded numerous medical device companies, creating more than $2 billion in shareholder value. He currently serves as executive chairman of the board of EBR Systems and chairs the boards of Fractyl Labs and Setpoint Medical.

While his accomplishments and contributions to the healthcare field are vast, what gets him going each morning is people—he believes the ability to help patients and entrepreneurs be successful is a privilege and that few careers are more impactful on society and more rewarding to individuals than medtech.

With a remarkable record of building strong teams and leaders, Allan has spent the last 30+ years of his career as CEO of various Bay Area venture-backed startups. He also has founded or co-founded 11 companies including The Foundry, Evalve, Concentric Medical and Ardian. The companies he has led, founded or chaired have

He added another element to his extensive experience in the field by joining St Paul Venture Capital and subsequently founding Split Rock Partners.

His entrepreneurial passion began as CEO of Devices for Vascular Intervention (DVI), a startup that he grew from 16 to more than 600 employees. This is where he first worked with Dr. Tom Fogarty, who sat on the DVI board; a partnership that continued as Allan spearheaded one of Dr Fogarty’s companies, AneurRx.   

An inventor on more than 30 issued patents, Allan believes his work at Fogarty Innovation is critical as it allows him to seed the future of medtech with promising entrepreneurs, while honoring his friend and mentor, Dr. Fogarty. He subscribes to the philosophy of “Give a man a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime,” which he feels aligns well with the organization’s philosophy.

A University of Maryland Distinguished Alumnus and recipient of the ASTIA/Deloitte Excellence in Mentoring Women Executives Award, he has served on the MIT Entrepreneurship Center Shareholders’ Board and the University of Maryland President’s Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Maryland and his master’s degree in management from MIT.