Marz Medical receives glowing feedback from end users; on track to get Blossom technology to market

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Companies

For a breast cancer patients, anything that makes treatment and recovery a little easier is a dream come true.

That’s why patients like Brenda Mijares, a breast cancer survivor who benefitted from BlossomTM, Marz Medical’s technology, that is intended to shorten recovery time for patients undergoing breast reconstruction, are singing praises of the startup’s treatment advances.

Under the direction of founder Joshua Korman, MD, and CEO Kerry Pope, Marz Inc. has had impressive results and feedback, with 100 percent of its cases being successfully completed in seven to 10 days, versus several months for those using the traditional method.

“Dr Korman’s technology is amazing,” said Mijares. “I completed my reconstruction with expanders and permanent implants in only two weeks and it was all finished before I started chemotherapy. I am so thankful I was able to benefit from the development of this technology – it made my recovery so much easier.”

Blossom revolutionizes breast oncology treatment by drastically shortening the time required for tissue expansion with an automated process.

Patients can now complete reconstruction before they begin chemotherapy and can manage the process based on their own comfort levels. The result? More convenience, often less pain and fewer doctor’s visits, a welcome reprieve for women who spend all too much time in clinician’s offices.

Marz is also updating the device’s design to make it more visually appealing and user friendly.

“We have a winning combination of FDA clerance, patents and positive trials, and are now actively seeking funding to finish commercialization,” said Korman. “I launched Marz because I saw a substantial need for a better solution to post-mastectomy reconstruction. The traditional method, in use for the past 50 years, is too painful and lengthy. It needed to be upgraded and automated, which we have achieved with Blossom. In addition, we also hope to use the technology for burn reconstruction,” Korman added.

“We are confident that our potential investors will be impressed with our successful trials and the promise this technology offers,” he said.

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