Introducing Fogarty Innovation

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Fogarty Innovation

A message from Andrew Cleeland, CEO, Fogarty Innovation

Here at Fogarty Innovation, we embrace the concept of re-imagining what already exists. That’s always been our cornerstone and remains so even as we ourselves evolve with the industry. In fact, that’s the theory behind our own recent re-imagination, as we rebrand to “Fogarty Innovation” to signify new ways that we will better address the needs of innovators in the evolving medtech landscape.   

We’ll stay true to our historical roots as a medtech incubator, yet we realize that our unrivalled position as a nonprofit in the startup world affords us the unique ability to bring disparate groups together for a positive impact on the global medtech innovation ecosystem. As such, we see ourselves more broadly as a global hub for novel thinking and creation — providing a bold model for shaping the future of human health. We invite you to visit our newly launched website to learn more and stay tuned as we continue to add great content.

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