iDentical Aims to Fill the Gap in Tooth Replacement with Revolutionary Procedure

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Companies, Fogarty Innovation

The process of getting dental work done can have a bad reputation…there’s a reason people equate unpleasant tasks with the phrase “as much fun as a root canal.” iDentical, a startup that joined Fogarty Innovation in 2019, is aiming to upgrade the experience by leveraging the latest 3D technology to make tooth replacement safer, faster and more affordable.

Revolutionizing a transformative procedure

The company’s drill-free dental implant process is designed to be completed by any practitioner. First, the dentist extracts the tooth that needs replacement and scans it. iDentical uses that scan as the basis for a personalized dental implant that it designs and manufactures, then sends back to the dentist, who places the implant where the tooth was removed. 

iDentical has made significant progress, including just recently completing the first in-human pilot study of its technology at University of São Paulo School of Dentistry in Brazil. The patients who participated in the study were followed for 15 months post-implant placement and achieved a 100% success rate, with every patient having stable, healthy implants at the conclusion of the study and raving about the positive experience. 

Building buzz

Following this successful trial, the principal investigator, Dr. Giuseppe Romito, a periodontist and vice dean of the University of São Paulo School of Dentistry, has finalized a manuscript on the study, which is currently being submitted to major dental journals for publication. In March, he will present the data at the 2024 International Association of Dental Research (IADR) General Session in New Orleans, which will be the startup’s first public presentation. 

iDentical also participated at its first dental trade show at the American Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) annual meeting held in San Diego late last year and was recognized as a Growth Stage Winner and awarded a $75,000 check at the Bend Venture Conference, the longest-standing and largest angel investment conference in the Pacific Northwest.

They continue to spread the word about their innovative procedure, having received positive coverage in Forbes and Dental Products Report, and launching a series of webinars to educate dentists and industry professionals on this new advance.

Exciting opportunities on the horizon

At the end of last year, the team also successfully placed its first implant for its initial U.S. pivotal Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) study required to achieve FDA 510(k) clearance. For this study, they partnered with Dr. Mike McGuire and the McGuire Institute for the first phase, and subsequently expect to expand to full enrollment in at least four different sites throughout the U.S.  

In addition, iDentical was awarded a second patent for its technology, sharpening its competitive edge. Together with the studies, this progress positions them strategically for additional funding. They are currently finalizing a Series A1 $2 million round to support the initial cohort of the IDE study and later this year will open a larger Series A2 $10 to 15M round to complete the full IDE study. 

iDentical has also refined its technology and process after the pilot study in Brazil to further improve patient outcomes and accelerate the turnaround time. The team now only requires six days from extracting the initial decayed tooth to delivering a 3D printed implant ready for insertion.

“From the strong results of the pilot study and subsequent positive feedback we have received regarding our implant technology from dental industry leaders, we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming year,” said Iris Wedeking, co-founder and CEO of iDentical. “We are in a strong position to continue enrollment for our pivotal clinical study that will help lead to regulatory approval and commercialization, and we look forward to expanding access to this life-enhancing technology to the countless patients who will benefit.”

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