Educational Institutions come to Fogarty Institute to learn about innovation

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Alliances, Education, Fogarty Innovation

March was a busy and exciting month for the Fogarty Institute as they hosted students from the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the Stanford Biodesign team, among others.

Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This is the second year that the Fogarty Institute for Innovation has hosted the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JCEI), one of the top-ranked entrepreneurship program worldwide and part of the Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

Thirty of its students were in Berkley, California as part of their annual trip to Velocity, a conference for graduate-level students dedicated to the acceleration of entrepreneurial careers. During the conference, JCEI holds meetings with leading Silicon Valley innovation centers, CEOs from high-potential businesses and the venture capitalists that fund them.

The visit was coordinated thanks to the efforts of John Shoemaker, a Los Altos philanthropist and retired Sun Microsystems executive who earned a master of business administration degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Mr. Shoemaker is a strong supporter of El Camino Hospital, where the Fogarty Institute is headquartered, and of innovation and mental health services.

Mr. Shoemaker and his wife, Mrs. Donna Shoemaker, are chairing the “Fulfilling the Promise” campaign at El Camino Hospital to build a new health building and fund outpatient program.

“Coming to a place like the Fogarty Institute showcases the practical applications of a startup,” said Mr. Shoemaker. “The Institute was an ideal opportunity for the JCEI student to hear first-hand from promising startup CEOs about what it takes to build a startup from concept to implementation.”

Stanford Biodesign

Each year, Stanford Biodesign hosts a three-day executive education program called “Managing Innovation” for senior managers and executives from the medical technology sector. The purpose of the course is to provide these industry leaders with a fresh perspective on how to drive and sustain innovation within their organizations.

This year, the program had 70 participants representing eight companies and one academic medical center. This year’s agenda included field trips to two renowned Bay Area incubators — ExploraMed and the Fogarty Institute for Innovation. The goal of the visits was to provide these teams with the opportunity to see how these successful accelerators manage their own innovation process.

The companies in attendance at the Fogarty Institute included Johnson & Johnson, Bard, Stryker, Abbott, Verily, NEC and Texas Children’s Hospital.

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