Dimitri Augustin, Ferolyn Fellow 

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Ferolyn Fellowship, Mentoring

Diversity of background is one of the components that makes the Ferolyn Fellowship so successful, with classes that include a mix of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, consultants and physicians. 

The third Fellow to join this year’s class is Dimitri Augustin, MD, director of medical affairs for ReCor Medical, a company that is a pioneer in Ultrasound Renal Denervation (uRDN) technology used in the treatment of high blood pressure/hypertension, one of the most prevalent medical conditions. 

Medicine and engineering yield the ideal career

Dimitri grew up in South Florida, within a family of Haitian descent which had a strong influence on him. His father was in healthcare and several of his family members are engineers, which introduced him to the building blocks of medtech at an early age. While he harbored an interest in medicine for many years, he eventually realized that its many facets provided the opportunity to blend several of his passions and combine his interest in technology with clinical medicine. 

Prior to attending medical school at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, he received a B.S. in biology and later an M.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Georgetown University – programs that showed Dimitri the variety of opportunities in the industry. “Throughout my training I retained the goal of blending my two passions, and it spurred me to find a career where they could both play a role,” said Dimitri. 

That was the catalyst for his move to California, as he had been intrigued by the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship, a health technology innovation training program. He was accepted into the program, while also becoming a clinical fellow at Stanford Healthcare and later completing his postdoctoral research fellowship in nephrology at Stanford University School of Medicine. “At long last, I could see a path forward in combining my two interests,” he said.

Working at ReCor Medical

After his postdoctoral fellowship, Dimitri joined ReCor, appreciating that its focus on treating hypertension through renal denervation aligned with his expertise in nephrology, while also satisfying his deep-rooted desire to combine aspects of clinical practice with engineering. “My core mission has always been to be at the forefront of driving change in nephrology by developing devices to improve patient care, which I’m fortunate to now be doing,” said Dimitri.

“My role also allows me to work with many different individuals with diverse skill sets, both within and outside the company. I am able to engage in wide-ranging discussions on the technology or safety aspects of clinical studies and answer clinical questions, which provides a dynamic that is constantly challenging and interesting. It’s a great opportunity to have frequent exchanges with experts, each of whom offers something fresh to my work,” he added.

Finding an opportunity in the Ferolyn Fellowship

Having heard about the program during his time at Stanford Biodesign, Dimitri was thrilled to become part of the new group of Fellows. 

He is being mentored by Claudia Carasso, founder and managing partner of Elastic Minds, who helped establish and build the Ferolyn Fellowship. “While we have just begun, I have already been impressed with Claudia’s innate ability to help you identify your ‘voice’ as a leader. I look forward to using her guidance as I establish and develop that voice as a contributor to nephrology and medtech.”

During his spare time, Dimitri participates in the water sports and activities he has enjoyed since growing up in Florida and has added hiking to his repertoire given the many opportunities he’s found in the Bay Area. He also likes traveling and spending time with his family. 

About the Ferolyn Fellowship

The Fellowship was founded in 2015 in tribute to Ferolyn Powell, CEO of the start-up Evalve (MitraClip, Abbott Labs) and a dynamic leader in the medtech startup world. Ferolyn’s leadership journey was defined by inclusion, precision, curiosity and learning the power of leading with a whole heart. The program supports rising leaders with a strong passion and aptitude to transform healthcare. Its mission is to provide high impact, in-context mentorship that changes lives.  

Participants undergo an immersive 10-month program of customized mentoring and personal development around values-based leadership and personal brand development. Guest mentors cover topics such as venture funding, company pitching/storytelling, and clinical/regulatory challenges. The fellowship is run with the key support of Fogarty Innovation, which provides fellows with access to educational programming and team resources.

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