Arizona State University entrepreneurs come to Silicon Valley

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Alliances, Education, Mentoring

As more and more universities are embracing the concept of entrepreneurship, we are seeing an increasing number of young students coming to the capital of innovation – Silicon Valley. Recently, a group of entrepreneurs from Arizona State University came to Silicon Valley as part of the eSeed Challenge, a competition open to all ASU’s student-led startups, to meet with top professionals, startup companies and innovators.

The Fogarty Institute for Innovation was one of the few stops they made in the Valley, along with meeting with Tim Draper, founder of Draper University, and YCombinator, a company that provides seed funding for startups.

This is the second year the Fogarty Institute has hosted students from ASU, thanks to Tom Prescott, former President and CEO at Align Technology and a graduate of the university’s civil engineering program, who facilitated the tour stop. Mr. Prescott has been a long-time proponent and contributor to the Institute’s Lefteroff Fund, which supports educational scholarships, programs and medical innovation projects that advance entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

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