Alydia Health Raises $10M in Series B Financing; Company Aims to Eradicate PPH Globally

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Fogarty Institute graduate Alydia Health, formerly known as InPress Technologies, is well on its way to conducting a pivotal study, thanks to the closing of a recent $10M Series B round led by Global Health Investment Fund. The U.S. study aims to prove the safety and efficacy of its novel device, the Jada System, in stopping postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) — the leading cause of maternal death globally, it takes the life of one woman every four minutes. In the United States, where PPH is less likely to result in death, it frequently manifests in blood transfusions or invasive surgery including hysterectomy.

Nearly 80 percent of PPH cases are caused by uterine atony, or the failure of the uterus to contract to its correct postpartum size, which leaves intra-uterine blood vessels fully dilated. Women suffering from this condition are at risk of severe and dangerous blood loss that can lead to injury, or worse, death.

Alydia Health has developed and patented a groundbreaking approach to treating uterine atony. Unlike other available treatments, Jada encourages the body’s natural response after childbirth by collapsing the uterus to its correct postpartum size, thus stopping PPH. In a pilot study of 10 patients published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Jada rapidly and effectively controlled postpartum bleeding, with hemorrhage controlled in all patients within two minutes.

“We are proud to have aligned ourselves with forward-thinking investors who believe in our mission to make childbirth safer for all mothers,” said Anne Morrissey, CEO of Alydia Health. “This funding is a key milestone that helps build on our previous successful study and ensures our continuation on the path to success.”

New name, new team propels the company forward

Anne, who joined Alydia Health in 2017, attributes the latest round of funding to the reimagining of the company, including a shifting structure and talent infusion. “Investing in adding seasoned industry experts was a critical step in helping get our device to market and secure this essential round of funding,” said Anne. Recent hires included Kathryn Wine, as vice president of clinical operations; Colby Holtshouse as vice president of marketing; and Andy Uchida, vice president of R&D.

Colby took the lead in changing the name of the startup to better reflect Alydia Health’s mission to make childbirth safer for all mothers. She and the team drew inspiration from Eileithyia, the Greek goddess of childbirth who supports the strength and power of a mother carrying, delivering, loving and protecting a child.

Kathryn is focusing on the new, 107-person IDE clinical trial, which is designed to obtain 510(k) clearance, a critical step in any medical device company’s journey to move their product to market.

“We now have an incredible team made up of eight, full-time employees who share the same dedication and passion to get a device to market that saves mothers’ lives,” said Anne. “I feel blessed to work in such a motivating environment and looking forward to our journey together with the aim to make a significant global impact.”


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